Listed here is 10 definitive indications he’s not that into you

Listed here is 10 definitive indications he’s not that into you

Be savagely truthful with yourself and work if you recognise some of the after.


We once counselled a lady whoever partner of eight years had not introduced her to a solitary buddy or member of the family.

He just ever stumbled on her spot, they only ever blended with her buddies in which he only ever saw her through to Sunday friday.

The excuses had been that their household lived offshore (a lie), he don’t see them with them(another lie) and he didn’t have any friends (he did and in the whole eight years didn’t mention her existence once) because he didn’t get on.

Their situation ended up being extreme (he previously uncurable closeness and dedication problems) however the main point here is similar: if somebody likes you, they desire you to definitely be concerned in all respects of these life.

For some healthy, adjusted people, being introduced to family and friends means the partnership gets the possible become serious.

Why he is carrying it out: If he is perhaps not, the partnership is not severe for him or he is embarrassed by you – or them.

The guideline: It is difficult to establish for fear of you realising it until you meet his friends or family but if he is punching above his weight and you’re seriously out of his league (way better looking, more intelligent, wealthier, more educated), he could avoid introducing you. Continue reading