Why you ought ton’t connect with some body on your own floor

Why you ought ton’t connect with some body on your own floor

Image this: It’s NSOP, and you’re that great feeling that is indescribable of freedom. I’m zigzagging my means through Carman whenever their name—we’ll call him Josh—comes up on my display by means of A snapchat notification. Josh and I also have actuallyn’t actually talked in person before, but we now have the God-given relationship of living regarding the floor that is same we have been profoundly linked. Appropriate? Right. Hence, it, I’ve invited him back to my dorm and we are having a mediocre hookup before I know. Each of us understand the hookup is mediocre while it is occurring. Therefore even as we have our clothes back on, we awkwardly hold discussion for the minutes that are few then we deliver him on their way.

The overnight, Josh realizes he’s forgotten one thing in my own room. This is certainly objectively bad, since it means we intend to need to do the unspeakable: see each other in broad daylight. After several hours of sporadic half-hearted back-and-forth communications, we meet him within the hallway of y our floor. He appears over their shoulder to be sure no one’s in hearing distance.

“So, are we good?” he asks.

“Yeah! We’re fine.” My sound reaches an octave that is new.

“Okay, cool. See you around.” We weirdly find out for a question that is minute—big there—and go our split methods.

Because this series that is weird of, Josh and I also have actuallyn’t talked. However you understand what we have actually done? We’ve seen one another when you look at the elevator, a floor lounge, while the hallway. Numerous times. In just about every location. And each right time, we perform an enjoyable game called “Should I Smile and Say ‘Hey’ or Pretend I’ve Literally Never viewed You Before?”

This brings me to my hot take: Floorcest is the enemy and may be prevented without exceptions. Don’t get me wrong, i understand setting up having a floormate is convenient. Continue reading